Quality Policy Statement

eBuilder shall deliver services and products that fulfill our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our ambition is to create and secure long term customer relationships. eBuilder should be a customer-oriented company that continuously works with improvements in order to satisfy our customers as well as our employees.

This means that:

  • We shall ensure that we understand our customers’ needs through regular dialogues with our customers. It is the customer’s requirements, needs and expectations that are guiding our work. We shall formulate goals and service level agreements to achieve the right quality. 
  • We shall work in a process oriented manner.
  • Our employees are competent and must realize that everything we do is a part of a quality delivery.
  • Our employees should continuously develop their skills while with eBuilder.
  • Our employees should have effective methods and tools in order to achieve our Quality Objectives.
  • Our organization should be guided by an honest and serious approach. 
  • We shall learn from our mistakes. 
  • We should measure Customer Satisfaction and analyze the results.
  • We have established measurable Quality Objectives that we review and revise.
  • eQMS, our Quality Management System, should be compliant in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
  • We shall commit to the continual improvement of the Quality Management System and its processes.