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Because Prevention is Better than Recovery


Improve your security posture to face cyber threats confidently.

Identifying the recent upsurge of cybercriminal activities, eBuilder Security has been established with the aim of promoting the ‘prevention’ of cybercriminal activities rather than recovery from their damages. eBuilder Security is a SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) provider, offering a range of services covering all aspects of cyber security, thereby providing complete protection from a series of threats and risks.

Move at the pace of your business. Let us mind your cybersecurity.

Cyber threats keep increasing in number and severity continuously and today, the slightest mistake can end up damaging your organization. But allocating resources and time for threat mitigation can be costly, especially if it is done at the expense of your core business activities. At eBuilder Security our goal is to accommodate the smooth flow of businesses and organizations by managing your cybersecurity for you, so it is one thing less for you to worry about.

Our services

Endpoint Security & XDR

Continuous monitoring of endpoints is imperative for timely detection and response to threats. XDR enhances this by extending the service beyond endpoints.

Endpoint Security & XDR powered by CrowdStrike

Partnered with CrowdStrike, we promote effective detection and prevention against all types of attacks using the industry leading CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Endpoint Security & XDR powered by Cybereason

To alert and terminate malicious activities as soon as they are recognized, we offer the leading Cybereason Defense Platform in partnership with Cybereason.

Managed Detection & Response

The combination of technology and human expertise is a powerful blend in defending against cyber threats. eBuilder Security provides MDR service with 24x7 continuous monitoring and SOC services.

Identity Protection

Serving as the first level of detection for AD security, Identity Detection, and Protection provides unparalleled protection for Identities and Identity stores.

Complorer Security Awareness Training

Focusing on the most valuable yet vulnerable link in an organization, the human component, eBuilder Security offers a fully managed Security Awareness Training program.

Application Penetration Testing

A real-life simulation of a hacking attack on your organization’s applications, conducted by specialists ensures the security of your applications.

Network Penetration Testing

Developed on a framework that improves as industry threats increase, eBuilder Security’s Automated Network Penetration Testing service can find and fix your network vulnerabilities before a hacker gets to them.

Application Vulnerability Scanning

Regarded as a vital part of any cyber security framework of an organization, an Application Vulnerability Scan detects vulnerabilities early on compared to other security mechanisms.

Security Review & Audit

Conducted by experienced consultants, our security reviews and audits are tailored to your privacy compliance requirements such as NIS2 and GDPR.

Our allies in the fight against cybercriminals

Our forte lies in delivering top-notch SECaaS services to provide complete protection from all threat vectors. eBuilder Security provides industry-leading cybersecurity services, partnered with these world-class technology leaders, so the protection of your digital infrastructure is ensured.

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