Device Insights enables mobile operators identify potential upsell customers.

Effortless Device Insights uses machine learning to improve segmentation and enable mobile operators to be truly relevant to their customers.

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Meet eBuilder at the MWC in Barcelona

This year eBuilder will share our views on how mobile operators can benefit from prescriptive analytics in the session: AI Everywhere: Digital Transformation. We will share the stage with Telia to showcase the success and potential of Telia Min Mobil. AI Everywhere: Digital Transformation

Increase sales efficiency with Effortless Device Insights

Effortless Device Insights is a device sales acceleration platform that provides mobile operators with unique insight about their customers’ devices and device behavior. Our big data and machine learning algorithms analyzes the data to identify the optimal offer and timing for each unique user to achieve the best possible commercial outcome.


Send the right message.

To the right customer.

Effortless Device Insights is a prescriptive analytics solution that enables mobile operators to improve communication. With best-next-action messages it enables operators to market their offers in a more informed manner to boost sales.

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Meet Jeff, a man who's smartphone battery has gone bad

Like most of us, Jeff owns a smartphone. After a year of daily wear and tear, Jeff starts to notice that his battery runs low quickly. Follow Jeff into the device care jungle as he struggles with call center robots, unknowing store staff and having to repeat his story over and over again and learn how Device Insights can power prescriptive device care.

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