Service Delivery

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eBuilder strives to drive an agile development process.  Product Roadmaps are driven to cater to aggregated requirements from e.g. user’s needs, the marketplace and customers, as well as specific customer requirements​.
Roadmaps and relevant release plans are subject to changes controlled by eBuilder Product Management processes; the relevant updates will be shared and discussed with customers. In general, product development roadmaps will consists of functional areas committed to a specific release, planned in a roadmap, or as candidates.

Professional Services Organization (PSO)

eBuilder’s PSO team secures the implementation of our Customer Care Orchestration (CCO) platform with both on-site and off-site project executions. Our team has extensive experience in executing complex business transformations. 

The team’s competence covers a wide variety of integration models and tools. Identifying and defining the business requirements and analyzing the business operations at our customers are important factors for the success in our projects. 
The implementation of configurations to suit identified requirements and the comprehensive testing to verify the solution are all completed before Go-Live. 
Our team has successfully rolled-out projects in more than 70 countries.
eBuilder Business Consultancy’s mission is to secure sustainable value for our customers over time. We focus on our customer’s most critical issues and opportunities: increased loyalty, mobile sales strategies and service network efficiency. 
We bring deep operational and strategic expertise in customer care and after sales to global mobile operators and device manufacturers.
We believe that excellent customer care lies in an effortless customer journey. Our goal throughout projects is to create insights and transfer knowledge to our customers, ensuring value over time in the products and services we provide. 


Scalability and Availability

Our unique architecture uses powerful load balancing and clustering technology to built the best redundancy into our platform.
Our cloud infrastructure is designed to scale up and out seamlessly, ensuring we’ll be able to support both your growth and ours.
We guarantee 99.5% uptime, and upon customer request we will provide a summary report on service availability.
Our Global Support team monitors our platform 24/7/365, enabling us to proactively address potential issues before you experience any problems. 
eBuilder offers the highest data-protection redundancy available. We use market-leading cloud infrastructure solutions providing global coverage, top performance, high resilience, disaster recovery capability, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs and requirements.

Security and Privacy

eBuilder takes the utmost care in protecting the integrity, availability and confidentiality of our customers’ data. We apply industry standards such as ISO27001 and PCI-DSS, as well as country and region specific legislation regarding the privacy and archiving of information.
We incorporate superior security from the inception of a new product/feature, in our hosting facility and infrastructure services, and in the methods used by our customer service representatives when handling your sensitive data—each part of the whole working together to keep your data secure.

Incident management

Our Development and Operations teams regularly investigate and assess new technologies and methodologies to give you the fastest, most reliable service. eBuilder Incident Management is our process for handling all incidents. These may be failures, faults, and bugs that are reported by users via eBuilder’s Resolution Management Tool or that are automatically detected and reported by the monitoring tools.
eBuilder Request Fulfillment is the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of all service requests from our users. A service request is a request for information or advice, a standard change, or access to a pre-defined service.

Support & helpdesk

eBuilder provides 24/7/365 support services based on ITIL processes from our Support Centers in Sweden, Sri Lanka and China. We currently support over 60 countries around the world in English, Chinese and Swedish. Our support handles Incident Management and Request Fulfillment as well as monitoring. Our support services are proactive, striving to avoid issues through constant monitoring of our services and their 3rd party integrations.
All findings are recorded and communicated via our Resolution Management Tool, where our clients report incidents as well as requests and then follow them through their life cycles. Our support services are guided by our standard SLA - Service Level Agreements. At eBuilder we walk the talk, implementing Effortless Support.