How machine learning and device insight can power outstanding smartphone self-service

Machine Learning is making inroads in all areas of telecom operations and service and support is no exception. In this webinar we take a look at how machine learning can power outstanding smartphone self-service by providing scoring and predictions on service and support needs. These predictions can automatically trigger corrective engagement - using on-device notifications, e-mail or SMS or even outbound call center activity - dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and building the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

HOST: Torbjörn Thorsén, eBuilder

AI for telecom and the future of customer retention

At the Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago, the AI stream was the most well attended and it’s clear to see why. AI and machine learning can highly impact telecom in numerous ways. In this session eBuilder will explore the potential within customer retention, leveraging machine learning to improve targeting and boosting sales conversion.

HOST: Torbjörn Thorsén, eBuilder

Using machine learning to identify new device sales opportunities

Finding new opportunities for device upsell can be challenging. Device Insights allows operators to segment customers based on device experience. Join eBuilder as we explore how Device Insights boosts sales conversion and increases loyalty and retention.

HOST: Torbjörn Thorsén, eBuilder

Device insights delivers 3.7x sales conversion rates

5 key device insights that increase customer engagement in telecom

Engaging with customers to ensure loyalty and minimize churn is a key objective to any mobile operator. Join us as we explore the key device insights that enable operators to predict service needs using machine learning and prescriptive solutions to keep customers loyal.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Top issues that cause users to switch smartphone
  • Prescriptive analytics that enhance customer self-service
  • Predicting upsell - identifying users that need a new device

HOST: Torbjörn Thorsén, eBuilder