Service Network Management

eBuilder Service Network Management is a platform that allows mobile operators and manufacturers to integrate and manage their service partners in order to streamline and control the service process from order booking through routing and transport to device repair/swap.

Service network management platform

Integrate and manage device service partners

Mobile operators and manufacturers

A streamlined, transparent and controlled process

Managing the service partner network

By taking ownership of the full service process operators can gain end-to-end visibility of all service processes including repair, insurance and renewal.

Service Network Management is a platform that enables operators to effectively manage their service partner network. Powerful business rules automate the process to optimize routing and allocation of services as well as the optimal transport provider. The service network control tower and analytics module provides end-to-end visibility provides valuable in-depth data enabling operators to continuously optimize services.


ORDER MANAGEMENT – All service order types including repair, swap and/or renewal

ROUTING – Flexible multi-leg routing with service center and transport allocation

BUSINESS RULE MANAGEMENT – Powerful and flexible business rule management


70+ COUNTRIES – Major service centers and service partners integrated across the globe

20+ LOGISTICS PROVIDERS – All major logistics provides integrated with local alternatives

STANDARD INTEGRATIONS – Standardized integrations to all major back-end solutions

Service Network control tower and analytics

Suffering from lack of visibility in the after sales process as well as into partner performance quickly leads to poor user experience and high process costs. In order to optimize the service process operators needs real-time insights into user behavior, key performance indicators and the ability to analyze impact of the device care offerings.

The Service Network Management control tower provides real-time analytics as well as easy-to-use interfaces for controlling and managing the business rules and offerings required for a best-in-class device care experience.


  • Overview dashboard with real-time trends and key performance indicators
  • Drill-down capabilities for obtaining granular insights into user behavior
  • Filtering on multiple user, device, date and location criteria


  • Single point of entry for controlling the entire device care experience
  • Business rules driven approach allowing real-time configuration and optimization
  • Campaign management interface for easy publication of new offerings and services