Per Månsson appointed new CEO of eBuilder

SWEDEN, STOCKHOLM – 30th APRIL 2018 – Per Månsson has been appointed new CEO of Swedish SaaS-provider eBuilder, and will take up his new position on May 1st. He succeeds Leif Bohlin, who will become CEO for Unifaun, a market leader within Transport Management (TM) on the Nordic market.

“We are very pleased to see Per Månsson take the role of CEO of eBuilder. His long tenure with the company provides him with in-depth knowledge in all eBuilder business areas, combined with his passion for, and experience in telecom it offers him excellent tools to develop eBuilder further and move the company forward. At the same time we are also very grateful for the services provided by Leif Bohlin as CEO the last four years and wish him all the best for the future”, says Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Chairman of eBuilder.

Per Månsson has been with eBuilder since 2010, serving as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining eBuilder Mr. Månsson held several senior management roles at e.g. Nordisk Mobiltelefon, Bredbandsbolaget, Accenture and Ericsson.

Today, eBuilder’s technology stack offers state-of-the-art solutions for smartphone self-service and analytics (Device Insights), service network and reverse supply chain, customized solutions, eProcurement as well as Travel & Expense Management. In connection with the appointment of Per Månsson as CEO, eBuilder will establish three business units – BU Device Insights, BU Service Network and Customized Solutions, and BU Travel & Expense Management and eProcurement – to further develop the company’s key offerings.

For more information please contact:

Per Månsson, CEO, eBuilder – per.mansson [at] | +46 735 30 36 33

Torbjörn Thorsén, Marketing Director, eBuilder – torbjorn.thorsen [at] | +46 704 153 678