New release of Effortless Device Self-service app for Android and iOS

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 2017-10-15 – We are proud to announce that the Effortless 1.21 version of Effortless Device Care has been released for general availability. Key improvements include improved search functionality, user feedback, storage focus view and overall UI improvements.


Search for solutions to common issues

The new release also includes a new search functionality, to boost user interaction in the troubleshooting and resolution journey. The intuitive search functionality features auto suggestion capabilities and filters answers when more than two characters are typed into the search field.

Improving user feedback to boost Device Insights

With the new release comes a new user feedback interface that is included in the user journeys. The reason is to improve feedback on how users feel about their device in key areas. The data captured in the user feedback enables Effortless Device Insights to better predict when user wants to upgrade his/her phone as well as give better support to solve problems.

The feedback is captured and attached to the users ID so analysis with Device insights can be done on a unique device level.

Easier overview of storage issues and best-next-actions

With the inclusion of a storage focus view, Effortless Self-service can now improve mitigation of storage related issues. An improved dashboard provides the user with a current snapshot of their devices’ storage and an action list provides the best-next-actions fort users experiencing storage issues. The storage focus view also leverages the new user feedback functionality to improve machine learning in Device Insights on storage issues.

Effortless Device Self-service is branded as Telia Min Mobil in Sweden and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store for residents in Sweden.