Meet eBuilder at the MWC in Barcelona

This February, eBuilder CEO Leif Bohlin will share the stage with Telia to tell how Device Insights – eBuilders prescriptive analytics solution for Device Care – has impacted the mobile operator’s NPS, engagement and sales conversion rates.

Device Insights allows mobile operators to improve customer self-service by proactively monitoring a users smartphone and prescribing the best possible solutions to issues that may arise, be it how to smarter manage energy consumption, storage use och improving overall smartphone performance. Device Insights also enables mobile operators to understand when users really are in need of a new smartphone – improving segmentation for higher engagement and more relevant marketing and sales activities.

Learn more about Device Insights  Watch the Device Insights webinar

eBuilder is invited to share our experiences at the AI Everywhere: Digital Transformation conference.

AI Everywhere: Digital Transformation

AI will accelerate and amplify the positive impact of the digital transformation we are seeing in both the public and private sectors. Early adopters, primarily from the technology, communications and financial services sectors are already seeing encouraging results from initial trials and deployments. And while early gains and benefits from AI deployments are more likely to stem from targeting clear and specific problems or challenges, there are still a number of key battlegrounds regarding different AI technologies that will also have an impact on the kinds of investments different end users will need to make in order to achieve their goals. Drawing inspiration from some of the leading examples of successful AI deployments in different industry sectors, this session will seek to establish what the general business model for AI might look like before moving on to explore some of the key technology trends that will impact how we work with AI in the future.

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