Effortless Device Care

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Always on, never without

Today users are addicted to their smartphones. The smartphone is the first thing we check when we get up in the morning, it’s the last thing we check before going to bed. We check our smartphones hundreds of times a day. Day in, day out, year round. For work, for entertainment, to limit boredom and to catch up on the latest updates on Facebook or Instagram.

Few of us could imagine living without the smartphone today. Yet, as the smartphone altered needs and behavior, it also affected the relationship between the consumer and the operator.

And this is where Effortless Device Care makes the difference - a platform that enables mobile operators and manufacturers to better manage customer care activities. From predictive analytics that alert users of potential issues to resolution self-service and service network management, Effortless Device Care is a complete platform for device service.

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Device issues are top of mind

There’s no denying that users have issues with both their devices and their subscriptions, but when smartphone issues outnumber subscription issues by a factor of five, it’s surprising to see that operators are freely passing away the customer relationship to their partners when it could be used to reinforce the current relationship with the operator.

Recent studies indicate that 15% of subscribers state dissatisfaction with customer care as the reason they chose their next device from a different provider*. This means that one out of every seven subscribers risk to churn due to poor customer service experiences.

So what can a mobile operator do to strengthen the relationship with their customers?

* Nokia – 2016 Acquisition and retention study – 2016

Delivering tangible value. Everyday.

With Effortless Device Care, the device lifecycle  experience is effortless for the customer and this will be repaid through increased customer loyalty, lower churn rates, as well as reduced service costs and new revenue opportunities.

* eBuilder and Telia – Smartphone and device end-user survey – 2017