Effortless Device Care explained

Effortless Device Care is a cloud customer care platform for mobile operators and manufacturers.

Unifying the device care experience

Giving customers a fragmented experience will result in both confusion and annoyance as all customers have different needs and prerequisites.
Effortless Device Care provides device care in all channels, be it through white-label interfaces or integration, to ensure all device care journeys are available in all channels, creating a best-in-class unified channel experience.

  • Device care information available in real-time in all channels
  • On-device application allowing insight and proactive engagement
  • Journey-based approach ensuring right information at the right time
  • Support for all operator interfaces, external and internal

Self-service – Help the customer help themselves

Most users prefer trying to resolve issues themselves before reaching out for help, meaning they will ask a friend or google it before looking to the operator for advice. Becoming that go-to-guy for your customers will not only increase trust and loyalty, but will also give more insights into user behavior and ability to target specific customers with personalized messages and campaigns.

  • Enable customers to secure their device data in case an accident happens
  • Provide everyday help and optimization tips for a smarter device life
  • Help customers troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve most common issues themselves
  • Helping customers to the relevant business process when self-service isn’t enough

On-device diagnostics:

Intuitive step-by-step troubleshooting:

Flexible service and repair booking:

Self-service capabilites

Deep insight in behavior allows for personalized notifications

Device specific tips and guidance to better device usage

Real-time suggestions that improves the device lifecycle

Device-specific suggestions to resolve most common issues

Hardware and software diagnostics, using device insight and crowd data

Intuitive device backup and one-click transfer for restoring

Triggering relevant business processes when self-service fails

Providing suggestions on next device based on behavior insight

Take ownership of the device care processes

A key aspect in providing best-in-class device care is taking full ownership of the supporting business processes. Many operators rely heavily on device partners in managing the customer experience in business processes such as repairs, trade-in, insurance claims etc., resulting in unclear divisions of responsibility and control as well as a fragmented customer experience.

Effortless Device Care integrates existing processes and partners into the channel journeys, providing a complete unified experience for the customers as well as visibility and control of the business process execution and KPIs.

Easy to create a repair order once a warranty issue is verified

Quick access to relevant services not covered by warranty

Back-end and front-end capabilities to support swap repair services

Integration, back-end and front-end for insurance claims

Back-end and front-end support for loan phone management

Integration to device buy-back partners and real-time device valuation

Smart offerings for upgrades, in repair and renewal scenarios

Call-back and que-time support, handover of device details

Service Partners – Manage the service partner network

Taking ownership of the full service process operators can gain end-to-end visibility of all service processes including repair, insurance and renewal. Effortless Device Care enable operators to effectively manage their partner network. Powerful business rules automate the process to optimize routing and allocation of service and transport provider. End-to-end visibility provides valuable in-depth data enabling operators to continuously optimize service offers.


ORDER MANAGEMENT – All service order types including repair, swap and/or renewal

ROUTING – Flexible multi-leg routing with service center and transport allocation

BUSINESS RULE MANAGEMENT – Powerful and flexible business rule management


70+ COUNTRIES – Major service centers and service partners integrated across the globe

20+ LOGISTICS PROVIDERS – All major logistics provides integrated with local alternatives

STANDARD INTEGRATIONS – Standardized integrations to all major backend solutions

Control Tower and Analytics – Gain control using insight

A majority of operators today suffer from lack of visibility of their after sales processes and partner performance, leading to poor user experience and high costs for manually managing processes that could easily be avoided by self-service.

In order to optimize the user experience the operator needs real-time insights into user behavior, key performance indicators and the ability to analyze impact of Device Care offerings. The Effortless Control Tower provides real-time analytics as well as easy-to-use interfaces for controlling and managing the business rules and offerings required for a best-in-class Device Care experience.


  • Overview dashboard with real-time trends and key performance indicators
  • Drill-down capabilities for obtaining granular insights into user behavior
  • Filtering on multiple user, device, date and location criteria


  • Single point of entry for controlling the entire Device Care experience
  • Business rules driven approach allowing real-time configuration and optimization
  • Campaign management interface for easy publication of new offerings and services