Smarter self-service using prescriptive analytics for more engaging device experience

Most users prefer trying to resolve issues themselves before reaching out for help, meaning they will ask a friend or google it before looking to the operator for advice. Becoming that go-to-guy for your customers will not only increase trust and loyalty, but will also give more insights into user behavior and ability to target specific customers with personalized messages and campaigns.

  • Enable customers to secure their device data in case an accident happens
  • Provide everyday help and optimization tips for a smarter device life
  • Help customers troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve most common issues themselves
  • Helping customers to the relevant business process when self-service isn’t enough

Device Self-service is powered by Device Insights, providing a more proactive and intuitive self-service experience. With insight into the users device health as well as user behavior, operators can proactively engage with the user as issues arise, mitigating the effects of poor device experiences and funneling the user towards a potential upgrade or upsell opportunity.

On-device diagnostics:

Intuitive step-by-step troubleshooting:

Self-service content, functionality and insight can easily be provided through open APIs, allowing for operators to choose to deliver self-service either through a white label service (as seen above), as part of their own app service or through the web. Device Insights data and troubleshooting content can also be leveraged in existing store front or contact center solutions, empowering staff with unique insight into customer device and behavior.

Device self-service capabilites

With Effortless Self-service customers are never stranded, there's always a route to resolve their issues, be it by themselves or through escalation to assisted care or upgrade swap.

Deep insight into device and behavior allows for personalized notifications

Device specific tips and guidance to better device usage

Real-time suggestions that improves the device lifecycle

Device-specific suggestions to resolve most common issues

Hardware and software diagnostics, using device insight and crowd data

Intuitive device backup and one-click transfer for restoring

Triggering relevant business processes when self-service fails

Providing suggestions on next device based on behavior insight