Big data analytics that offer unique device and user behavior insight

Prescriptive analytics on device and user behavior through machine learning

Mobile operators and manufacturers

Boost sales, improved assisted care and effortless self-service

Do you really know your customers device issues? We do.

Every day, nearly 10% of all smartphone users rely on devices with batteries barely last throughout the day, with storage capacity is so low that they need to delete files in order to take a video, or are basically malfunctioning due to age.

Effortless Device Insight is a unique big data analytics engine that provides mobile operators with unique insight into their subscribers’ devices and behaviors. Using prescriptive analytics users with faulty devices can be identified targeted with personal and customized upgrade offers before they even start to look around for alternatives.

Effortless Device Insight uses machine learning to identify faulty devices based on information from more than 100 data points. Information from Effortless Device Insight can easily be imported into CRM and used to enhance marketing and sales activities. Effortless Device Insights is also an integral part of the Effortless Device Care platform, providing device insight to enhance self-service and predicatively alert users of potential issues with their devices.

With Device Insights, user engagement is dramatically increased as messages and communication timing is optimized to deliver truly relevant messages to the users. Currently we see 3x the engagement level (CTR) on notifications based on Device Insights when compared to standard notifications. The proprietary Device Insights AI engine is continuously trained using feedback from all automated and manual engagements to optimize the big data algorithms.

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