Will she churn?

At no time is an operator more vulnerable to churn than at the moment a subscriber’s smartphone experience deteriorates.

Device Insights is a prescriptive analytics tool that allows mobile operators to identify smartphone frustration to increase sales efficiency.


Success story: Device Insights segmentation delivers 3.7x sales conversion boost for a Nordic operator

Using eBuilder’s Device Insights, a Nordic operator A/B tested segmentation based on device experience for their 2017 Black Friday campaign. Using the operator’s self-service app as channel and engaging the users through on-device notifications nearly forty thousand unique users were targeted for the campaign.

The target segment was identified using Device Insights, and ranked the users’ smartphone experiences in parameters including user behavior, WiFi usage, installed apps, battery performance, utilized storage capacity, overall device performance, and likely-next-device.

The device insight and segmentation allowed the operator to be more specific in their marketing, having identified user issues to offer the user a device that matched the user’s profile. The results include improvements across all steps in the sales funnel – from notification click-through-rate (CTR), through time spent exploring the full campaign website to sales conversion and total value.

By being able to create a segment where the operator knows the users’ device issues, the operator could accurately match the user with the most relevant offer in the campaign. Further analysis of the campaign results also unearthed data that correlated the user’s device experience – and the Device Insights scoring – with potential churn.

Users with poor device experience were 2.4x more likely to churn versus the average churn rate over the period5. This indicates a strong correlation between a poor device experience and an increased awareness of competitive operator marketing which in many cases result in the customer churning to alternative mobile operator.