Many frustrated smartphone users switch operator when they upgrade their smartphone. This white paper explains how Device Insights uses machine learning to identify users likely to upgrade their smartphone, what their issues are, and what their next-likely device is so they can be addressed before they churn.

As an example, a nordic operator  A/B tested segmentation based on Device Insights for their 2017 Black Friday campaign, and the results include improvements across all steps in the sales funnel – from notification click-through-rate (CTR), through time spent exploring the full campaign website to sales conversion and total value.

When the campaigns were evaluated, the segment identified by Device Insights delivered a 3.7x higher sales conversion rate than the peer group.

Further analysis of the campaign results also unearthed data that correlated the user’s device experience – and the Device Insights scoring – with potential churn. Users with poor device experience were 2.4x more likely to churn versus the average churn rate over the measurement period.

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