Device Insights – Leveraging Device Insights to boost customer service

In recent research, eBuilder has found nearly eight out of ten smartphone users want to switch device when their current smartphone is malfunctioning*. Given that 68 percent of smartphone users experience device issues every year, this should give operators the chills**. Fact is, that 14 percent of operator churn is related to device issues**.

Churn rarely appears out of the blue. Users leave because they move ever closer to a threshold where their expectations are no longer met. Once that threshold is passed, there is often no way back.

So how can a mobile operator become better at proactively battling churn?

Sadly, device service is often outside operator control – users tend to resort to friends, corner-shops, retail outlets and self-service through the web to solve issues. Our research indicates that 85% of users go to non-operator channels to get help, and an overwhelming 90% go to non-operator channels for repair*. Given that the vast majority of users experience issues annually, this lack of customer attention poses a huge risk.

For an operator, having the ability to track users’ device experience over time becomes key to more relevant and timely customer interaction as the operator can preempt potential issues and in effect draw users back into controlled channels.

A Nordic operator has leveraged Device Insights as part of their device self-service capabilities. The prescriptive analytics capabilities has automated engagement based on the device status, in effect drawing the user into the operator’s self-service environment as potential issues arise.

Using on-device notifications, the operator has been able to get an above 60% CTR every month, a 3x improvement over industry average engagement levels***. By proactively engaging users, providing relevant solutions for actual problems the operator has also been able to improve operator NPS-scores by 7 points***.


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