Device Insights from eBuilder drives 3X improvement in Customer Engagement for Telia in Sweden

Machine learning and algorithms combine to create enhanced levels of device-centric contextual relevance leading to a 300% improvement in customer engagement.

SWEDEN, STOCKHOLM – 8 SEP 2017 – eBuilder, a provider of a comprehensive suite of mobile operator and OEM device care solutions, today announces that telecom operator Telia in Sweden has achieved staggering improvements in customer engagement, thanks to its new Device Insights capability. The results were generated using machine learning and analysis via Telia’s “Min Mobil” customer device self-care app, powered by eBuilder.

eBuilder’s Device Insights solution targets users, on behalf of operators, OEMs or other service providers, experiencing smartphone issues. Its UPSCORE component analyses device health & usage and then scores each user according to their need to upgrade. It also comprises a CARESCORE function which determines the need of getting help with their device. Both capabilities result from the analysis of market, community, user and device data and the application of machine learning algorithms to determine individual user scoring based on known device issues, preferences and behaviours. This allows for mobile operators to proactively identify users who need help or are looking for a new device, and provide relevant and timely offers of support or a personal upgrade offer.

Live deployments of Device Insights, as an integral part of Telia’s Min Mobil app, have yielded impressive results. eBuilder found that personalised push notifications to users experiencing device issues typically achieved a 67 per cent Click Through Rate (CTR). This represents a 3X improvement compared to the industry average.

The smarter and more proactive approach to self-service in Min Mobil is also repaid through increased customer loyalty. Recent loyalty surveys for Min Mobil users show a significant increase in NPS when compared to recent measurements of customer loyalty for the Swedish telecom market (Telia and Nordic Bench 2017).

“Telia understands the disruption and frustration caused by poorly performing devices and will always take responsibility for supporting our customers affected,” said Gustav Berghog, Product & Commercial Director at Telia. “Our partnership with eBuilder enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of customer care solutions, with device care at the forefront. The addition of Device Insights to our platform enables us to identify potential device-related issues for our customers and proactively work to overcome them before they cause frustration. We are delighted by the impact it has had over such a short timeframe.”

“Offering holistic device care, including Device Insights, as part of a comprehensive customer care strategy is fundamental in ensuring operators remain both relevant and visible to their customers,” said Leif Bohlin, CEO, eBuilder. “The results that Telia has seen should serve as a call to action to every global operator looking to differentiate its offer, reduce churn, grow revenues and sustain healthy profitability.”