Device Care – Troubleshooting and usage tips services

Effortless Device Care offers ready-to-use Start-up and Usage tips content as an integrated service. Once a device is registered, the user will be presented with best practice Start-up and Usage Tip content to help them explore, learn more about, and use their device in the most efficient ways.

Content ranges from start-up tips for novice Users to advanced optimization tips for more experienced Users. eBuilder’s content ranking engine ensures that User is presented with personalized relevant content according to their User profile, registered devices and behavior.

Key features:

  • Device and user profile specific content-as- a-service.
  • Usage tips based on user journey.
  • Explore new areas in relevant usage tips categories.
  • Content grouping as collections, ensuring optimal delivery of content to all User types.
  • Content includes text, images, video and audio.