Effortless Device Care

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Effortless Device Care enables mobile operators to improve customer self-service to drive down service costs and raise service process quality. Creating a new channel for self-service, operators can manage the full device lifecycle for their end users and exploit new lifecycle revenues whilst nurturing customer engagement.
Intelligent customer self-service is a key differentiator in the mobile marketplace today. As consumers connect more and more devices to the networks, complexity grows and turns into frustration. For the mobile operators that don’t address these complexities and embrace the possibilities, the future looks grim. Gone are the days when an operator could turn to their customers to the smartphone manufacturer for assistance. And as nearly 70% of all smartphone users experience issues every year, resulting in a 18% customer churn, this is a major headache for operators*.
Effortless Device Care enables operators to address the issues and provide smarter and more intuitive self-service, driving cost reduction whilst providing ample opportunities to capitalize throughout the device lifecycle. 
Smarter startup and usage tips
Effortless Device Care provides end-users with up-to-date relevant tips and tricks that allow them to make the most of their smartphone.
Intelligent diagnostics and problem resolution
Effortless Device Care enables end-users to diagnose common issues and provides intuitive step-by-step instructions for self-resolutions.
Efficient service and repair capabilities
Using Effortless Device Care end-users can easily book service and repair at authorized service centers. Local as well as global.
Protection for phone and data
Effortless Device Care offers state-of-the art back-up and restore capabilities as well as integrated insurance and software protection capabilities.
Buy-back, trade-in or upgrade
Attractive buy-back, trade-in and upgrade offers, serving the consumers throughout the customer life cycle.
Self-service and service process analytics
Understand customer needs to drive more value and provide better service capabilites.
* Ovum Market  Study  – Solving Common Smartphone Woes, Insights and Lessons for Operators - 2015