Customer Care Orchestration

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Customer Care Orchestration

There are many forces in motion today that reshape customer service as we know it. When asked in a recent survey conducted by UPS in cooperation with IDC Manufacturing Insights, respondents claimed that global competition (72%); needs to differentiate (72%); customer influence (53%); and potential to improve sales and profits (69%) were among the most prominent reasons for the organization to focus on customer service. Letting customers down when they need service or assistance is one of the main reasons for customer churn – a poor customer service experience will see business go elsewhere (and at the same time tell their peers about their experience).

One of the challenges for customer care organizations is that it needs to break through organizational-, infrastructure- as well as third party silos in order to provide seamless and outstanding service.

More often than not, necessary knowledge resides in systems owned and updated by product management, replacement offers managed by local sales teams; repairs are conducted by third party suppliers; and goods and supplies are traversing the globe in the hands of logistics providers.

As a consumer trying to self-serve it’s easy to get lost; frustrated by having to switch communication channels to get the right information – ultimately they tell others about their (bad) experience. Creating sticky bad-will that negatively impacts sales as well as brand reputation.

Top reasons for focusing on Customer Service

Global competition - 72%

Need to diffenetiate - 72%

Improve sales and profit - 69%

Customer influence - 53%


Award winning integration platform

eBuilder Customer Care integrates all relevant systems inhouse as well as in the third party service network, leverages existing assets and adding business intelligence to allow consumers looking for service a better experience. For an organization, it’s easy to see the benefits – not only does the customer get the service he or she expects, but the organization itself gets valuable insight into operations – in-house as well as externally.

With eBuilder Customer Care, organizations can overcome the silo-based approach that so long been the main hurdle in achieving a more effortless customer care process. Leveraging the award winning eBuilder Integration Platform1, eBuilder can simplify integrations allows organizations to leverage their existing assets.

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