Customer Care Frontend

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Customer Care Frontend

Today’s consumers are expecting a customer service experience that is personal, mobile and effortless; yet they are constantly being let down having to switch channel, repeat information and struggle to resolve even simple issues. Contrary to modern belief, consumers want to be able to solve issues on their own. In recent research, CEB found that fifty-six percent of customers first turn to online self-service to solve issues, most likely using a mobile device. In the best of worlds the online experience is the most effortless. Or at least that’s what consumers today hope for.

Unfortunately, the level of effort rises dramatically as a consumer is forced to change channel. And for one of four consumers, channel switching in order to solve an issue was cites as the key reason for switching to a competitor2.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

With eBuilder, consumers can effortlessly access customer service – at anytime, anywhere, using any device – to solve issues, get tips and tricks, purchase spare parts and communicate with a manufacturer or service provider in a single dedicated channel.

With the eBuilder Customer Care Consumer Front-End, users are intuitively guided and can easily find answers to their questions using any device. Leveraging eBuilders unique integration and orchestration capabilities, the user is presented with relevant information regardless of source – internal FAQs; trouble shooting; how to:s; or knowledge or product databases; as well as online customer communities. 

No need to repeat

And should self-service fail to resolve the issue, the user can seamlessly switch to contacting a call or service center retaining conversation history. Relevant information is automatically transferred and necessary service request fields are pre-populated minimizing effort for the consumer.

eBuilder can then present relevant service offers to the consumer, such as drop-off alternatives, express or priority service, field service alternatives, offers for related products And since eBuilder is already integrated to a global payment gateway, billing is not an issue.

Transparent and in control

As the service progresses, consumers are kept in the loop – the entire process is fully transparent. The consumer knows where the product is, both physically as well as process wise, and push notifications allow the manufacturer to communicate changes or additional costs that may arise.

In one channel, eBuilder lowers the level of effort consumers need to communicate with a manufacturer, streamlining the service process while opening up a multitude of alternatives for increasing customer loyalty and minimizing the risk of customer churn.