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Customer Care Commerce

One key aspect in providing outstanding customer service is the capability to reimburse consumers either by providing free (or low-charge) services as well as complimentary products in the customer service process. Recent research clearly indicates customer service excellence is key to both keeping customers (minimizing churn) and having existing customers spend more money with your business. A recent report1 by American Express in cooperation with Ebiquity shows that “six-in-ten consumers or more have spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences”.

eBuilder Customer Care enables organizations to expand their customer service experience by seamlessly integrating aftermarket sales of complimentary products as well as spare parts and service.

Integrating customer service with sales and marketing

Building on our award winning integration capabilies2, eBuilder Customer Care allows customer service to integrate with online web shops, product catalogs as well as offers from third party service providers. The eBuilder Customer Care platform also allows for sales and marketing to integrate into the customer service process, allowing for targeted marketing activities such as end-of-life replacement offers, upgrades or complimentary new product sales.

Turn a cost center into a profit center

By seeing customer service as a channel for sales, this previous cost center can be turned into a profit center breaking down the walls between departments and providing consumers with a one channel approach. And this is beneficial for all participants, as customer service is often the first to hear about product defects as well as interoperational issues. By providing a single channel for consumer interaction, not only can an organization improve the customer service process as such, but it can also turn into a value generator for not only add-on or up-sell opportunities but for input into product management as well as service operations.

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